Hey everyone. Aslamualikum, here I’m again with a blog i wrote about a week ago for a contest  “Autumn Feels” and got featured in an International Coffee Book. I’m glad to share  ‘What autumn teaches me?’ with you guys so you will also learn something from this month.

Being a photography and nature lover, I had always tried to find connections among events, things and life. I believe that everything happens for a reason and teaches us. So is my idea about Seasons. One can easily relate life with seasons. But when it comes to most beautiful and sad, together season AUTUMN, I feel like having deep connection of my whole life story with it.

Walking alone in nature and thinking about everything around give pleasure. I do same but sometimes people misunderstand it with me being sad or depressed. Maybe they’re right but not always. Walking alone or wandering is pleasure for me, I feel like its METIME and I really enjoy that a lot. One day, I was walking in my hostel’s garden in November, last year. I was thinking same and took these pictures.


Looking at dry leaves, we feel grief. But at same time it’s giving you many lessons. Lesson that nothing lasts forever so don’t worry about your problems because they will also die one day like this one leaf. Everything that ends can be beautiful in someway, so try to see that beauty, just like you see beauty in Autumn. Another connection between human life and autumn is this that it tells that you will have a new fresh start.

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Looking at autumn and whole feel of this season just like every year, I’m having all those feelings this year too. I start thinking about whole year that passed, feeling positive about happy things and also realizing mistakes. Those mistakes are not going to fail me, I will grow again like those little leaves. 🙂

Happy Autumn ❤

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